An Affordable and Experienced Eviction Attorney at Your Service

Is a tenant giving you trouble? Are you in need of an eviction attorney that can help you out with your case? If this is so, East Los Angeles Attorney is at your service. We have been in business since 1966 and have helped numerous clients with their situations. You might be wondering why you would need our services. Well, we will list some scenarios that you will surely find useful. Although rare, it is not uncommon for landlords to seek legal help with tenants who don’t pay their rent. Or tenants who disturb their neighbors and create a problem. In that case, you can legally evict these tenants and solve the problem. However, these are not the only cases, so we will list a couple situations as examples to help you out.

You can evict a tenant or tenants if:

  • they destroy your property, that means breaking windows on purpose, fences (if you have any), destroying flowers just for the fun of it, etc.
  • breaking specific rules that you have listed in the lease agreement which could including the following: smoking inside the building, littering from the balcony, swimming in the pool after hours, etc.

If any of these problems have occurred or are still in action, then you definitely need to contact us. We are known as a reliable and trustworthy law office in East Los Angeles. People count on us to provide them with fast results. Having an eviction attorney at your side is of vital importance as there are steps that need be taken into consideration in order for you to win your case.

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